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Happy holidays! Let’s do this!

So, do you guys remember how, a couple months ago, I read through and reviewed Tsugumi Ohba’s Platinum End?

Well, I just found a couple episodes of the anime that started airing in Japan this past October, translated and ready for watching on a couple of streaming websites.

Having particularly enjoyed the manga, I jumped at the chance! The episodes were available in English dub as well, but that had less episodes ready than just watching the subtitled version, so I was okay with watching with the Japanese language on it.

As I was watching, little details about the manga were coming back to me, which was very interesting to experience! One example I brought up on my social media was the existence of the serial killer Girl A – I’d pretty much forgotten her, because of how long it’d been since I read the story.

There were other things I did remember, though. The stadium scene where the main antagonist Kanade Uryu threatens a little girl is taken directly from the manga. That scene alone makes me want to see Mirai kick Uryu’s butt and then some! I can’t remember if it angered me as much in the manga, but the anime’s depiction of it infuriated me!

There are other things I hope the anime will cover. Mirai’s reaction to learning that Saki was one of the kids who bullied him, leading to his suicide attempt, for one thing. I still remember the drawing for that particular scene, and how it affected me…

Kanade Uryu
Source: Anime Planet

Right now, since the anime is focusing on the Kanade Uryu arc, there isn’t much about where the series will go after that arc wraps up, and I’m a little concerned about that.

When I read the manga, I was okay with the first action-packed section of the manga not matching what happened in the second half. Here? I’m a little worried it may be an issue…

Basically, Tsugumi Ohba tried to write a partly action/partly psychological thriller here, so when we got into the psychological part, the series took a very different turn, which can work in manga, because it’s a different medium than anime.

I could be worrying over nothing, though. Death Note wasn’t action-packed at all, and it ended up being incredibly popular and fun to watch anyway, even though I personally felt the manga was better than the anime as a whole.

All I know is that, so far, I’m enjoying Platinum End as an anime. Tsugumi Ohba clearly worked on it, as I can see his penchant for cliffhangers all over the story. The last one I left off on before coming here to write this, there was an explosion at the top of a tower. I do remember that from the manga as well.

Source: Mister Snake

Also, can I just say that the opening credits are beautiful? Seriously, they are gorgeously animated! Not a huge fan of all the flowers toward the end of the clip (I don’t understand why they’re there – it has nothing to do with the story) but otherwise it’s a beautiful sequence!

The theme song is beautiful, too! I love the electric guitar and the singer is really good. I looked up the English translation of the lyrics, and some passages really stuck out to me:

“Shoot the arrow of fate

I give myself to my wings

I just want to live without worries

I’ll do what I have to do, even if it’s a lie

I just want to be the happiest I can be

That’s all…

It ain’t over til it’s over (Shoot!)”

“The arrow of fate” especially sticks out to me. Mirai struggles so much in the series with the idea of having the ability to control another’s fate, particularly if it means killing them. It’s a hurdle that consumes him for a long time in the story.

By being given these arrows, he can do anything, but he will lie to himself if it means not harming anyone. In the manga, he eventually overcomes this self-deceit, but it takes time.

I don’t know how long the anime will be, either. Season one will have twenty-four episodes, according to I think two seasons is reasonable given the two arcs of the manga (I honestly think Death Note should’ve been split into two seasons for that same reason – it also had two story arcs) but we’ll see. It’s still serializing in Japan, so I imagine it’ll take some time before everything is out.

So… I’m back into this story again! I mean, only time will tell where they will take this. The episodes I watched before coming here were set up for the first arc’s conflict, so I haven’t really gotten into the real action yet.

But I’m excited for it! I remember the manga thrilling me and, so far, the anime’s doing the same because it’s so close to its source.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling from me. As I said in my review of the manga, I would definitely recommend giving this a try and – if manga’s not your thing – now it’s available as a show!

It is a story that I am personally very excited to see unfold all over again!

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