New Territory: Fan fiction

I posted this on the Facebook page for the blog, but it didn’t feel right not having an official post on it, so here we are. Now that summer’s here, I’ve started my own fan fiction based on the show Gravity Falls. I got the idea a couple of days ago, and besides a pretty bad writer’s block I’m going through right now, I do like where it’s headed. The issue is that it starts in medias res (in the middle of the action) so I have to work around quite a few things. Right now, that’s what’s giving me the most trouble, but I know where I want the story to go in the long run, and it being in the middle of the original show arc is vital to the plot. 
The issue that I’m having is working around the show’s original events while also putting my own unique twist on them so they fit the story I want to tell. Because of this, I’m trying to touch as little of the original story as possible, but it’s not easy. I have read fanfics that have done this, so I have ideas, it’s just getting them out on paper that’s difficult. 
Spoilers for the show to follow, so don’t read on if you don’t want to know, but I need to explain it this way to clarify the issue I’m having. I start out the story before the end of season one, but after all the major events of season one are over (for example, Gideon is behind bars and Dipper and Mabel still don’t know that their great-uncle Stan believes in the paranormal happenings of Gravity Falls). So, the kids don’t know who wrote the Journals seen on the show and the dream demon Bill is starting to really cause trouble for the family. This allows me to make Bill a major threat and this is somehow going to lead to Stan and the kids actually going into the inter-dimensional gateway hidden under the Mystery Shack. The problem is, the kids don’t have all the Journals and Stan hasn’t told them what he knows just yet. (He’d probably fire me from writing this story if he were real.)
The reason this is a problem is because I’m hesitant to write out Stan’s awesome fight scene with the zombies, or cut it in favor of him giving an explanation to the kids. I don’t want to recap, but I also don’t want to take away the moment that shows the reason why I love his character as much as I do. I have also seen fan fictions that would put their own personal twists on the events of the original story, but I just don’t know. 

As I’m writing this out, I feel like I have ideas floating around – it’s just a matter of putting them to paper. This is mostly a family-centered story, but I am trying to give characters like Soos, Wendy, and Gideon roles of some kind to propel the plot forward. Doing it with Gideon was fairly easy, but putting Soos in there organically is presenting its own problems as well as the story’s timeline. And I still don’t know when and where the Author will come into play yet. 

I obviously need to work around these issues. I know that fan fiction can be a hit-or-miss territory in terms of quality, but I really want it to be a good, clear, logical story (or, as logical as it can be in a story that heavily relies on paranormal myths and magic). 

I just need to get over the season 2 premiere hurdle (i.e. not mess with the episode’s events too much) and hopefully it’ll turn out better than I’m expecting. Not that it will all be smooth sailing from there, but maybe my writer’s block won’t be as bad because I’ll have an idea where I want the story to go next. 

Hm…. Maybe I’ll post a little sneak peek of the story sometime soon…. 

By Amber Rizzi

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