Merry Christmas! (Update on old projects)

Happy holidays to all of my readers! It’s funny how it all goes by so fast. Just within the past couple of months, I’ve refined my review strategy, gotten a day job where I go to school, and hopefully you guys have enjoyed the new content I’ve put into this blog. I am nearing my hundredth post, and I’m not sure what yet, but I want to do something special just to show you guys how much I love writing for you. It is really one of the most enjoyable things I do, and of course I wouldn’t be doing it, if it weren’t for your support. 
But enough with the sap! It’s Christmas, and I’m sitting here listening to a song called “The Highest Step in the World” off of that A. Young scores project I reviewed about a year ago. I feel like, with The Writer’s Library, I am about to reach my highest step. I don’t know what the new year will bring, exactly, but I am already formulating new ideas for this blog. I also want to say that I will not be continuing Yearning for YA, because the truth is, I don’t know how to end it. It’s not like Project: Sherlock where I had a definite goal. I’ll probably do a closing post sometime within the next month, because not having closure will really bug me, but that’ll be it. I know you guys enjoy my projects, though, so I will be cooking up new ideas in 2018, don’t worry. 

Anyway, I look forward to the hundredth post coming up, and I promise I’ll do something special for it. 

Happy holidays, everyone!

By Amber Rizzi

I am a literature geek working toward my Bachelor's in English with a concentration in writing. I love to read, and I'm always itching to write, especially creatively. I started "The Writer's Library" about three years ago, previously working with a Blogger platform before moving over to Wordpress. While I mainly post reviews of books, occasionally I will go ahead and review works in other media forms as well, such as music and certain television shows. No matter what I'm doing on here, I love to share with anyone who is willing to listen, and I'm excited to finally be on Wordpress!