What Draws Us to Media?

It’s funny how time flies, isn’t it? I can’t believe I’m actually nearing the end of my freshman year of college. I’m sitting here listening to the Rick and Morty theme just because. I don’t watch the show myself, but the theme grew on me very quickly. 
Anyway, the music is making me think about what the term epic means in terms of TV shows, novels, music, and so on. Is merely what we associate with the music the thing that’s epic, or would the music alone still be seen as epic without the media form we associate it with? For example, when I hear the theme I’m listening to now, I think of epic intergalactic adventures. Struggles against the forces of darkness and evil. A sort of apocalyptic feeling is in there, too. 
I say this as someone who has not seen one episode of Rick and Morty. Is the show epic in the way I’ve described above? In other words, does the song encompass the overall theme of the show? Could the show work with another theme, or does the song enforce the atmosphere of the show? 

Honestly, I don’t know. 

And this can be applied to novels as well, I think. When I look at a book cover, I believe it is the cover artist’s job to show off something about the novel, whether it be the atmosphere or plot or just a main theme. 
Watership Down, for example, has a very peaceful-looking cover, but it does not show the epic nature of the story within. Instead, it takes one aspect (the atmosphere) and shows it off, rather than showing something of the story ahead of time. I feel that that may be the main difference between books and shows/films. Books can’t encompass the main message in one image. At least, not with the books I’ve read. Rather, it draws you to the atmosphere so you are either compelled to open it or decide it’s not something appealing, at least in terms of aesthetic appeal. 

I think I’m going to chew on this for a while… 

This has me thinking. Maybe I’ll look into the art of cover art and see what really goes into it. 

And to think, I started musing over this all because of an Adult Swim cartoon…. 

By Amber Rizzi

I am a literature geek working toward my Bachelor's in English with a concentration in writing. I love to read, and I'm always itching to write, especially creatively. I started "The Writer's Library" about three years ago, previously working with a Blogger platform before moving over to Wordpress. While I mainly post reviews of books, occasionally I will go ahead and review works in other media forms as well, such as music and certain television shows. No matter what I'm doing on here, I love to share with anyone who is willing to listen, and I'm excited to finally be on Wordpress!