"The Six Thatchers" Review

So I’m going to take a minute and stray from the norm again. This time, I’m going to be reviewing season 4 episode 01 of Sherlock. Just a quick warning to those who haven’t seen the episode yet that this review will contain spoilers, so I recommend you watch the episode if you haven’t seen it and then come back to this review

Spoilers from here on in!

Wow… just wow. I should have seen it coming. I really should have. After Sherlock is called to investigate why six busts of Margaret Thatcher have been, well, busted, the mystery is compounded with another. Remember that flash drive with Mary’s initials on it in “His Last Vow”? Well, there’s more than one. And a man who wants Mary dead has it! He wants her out because she betrayed a group they were both a part of about six years ago…. but that turns out to be false. Someone else betrayed them.

Sherlock struggles throughout the episode to find out how all of this is connected to his deceased rival James Moriarty, but finds nothing. I will say I need to watch the episode again, because it was hard to view in my living room since the TV was mounted high on the wall. I hope Netflix gets the episode soon….
I moved into the den to continue watching the episode as Sherlock vowed to protect Mary, who of course was in danger. The second to last scene absolutely broke my heart, as Mary passed away, but it felt right. I’d heard that Conan Doyle eventually had the original Mary die. I haven’t gotten that far into the short stories yet, but it was dark and tragically touching….
I will miss Mary going forward, but I understand that her story arc needed to be wrapped up and her sins eventually needed to catch up to her. I believe John will eventually come around to a more peaceful state of mind, after the dust has settled, and understand that it’s not Sherlock’s fault….
And a little side note: John and Mary’s daughter, Rosamund, is beautiful! And I love her name!
I hope everything sets itself right, because I really want to see John and Sherlock solving crimes together again….

By Amber Rizzi

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