Review: The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
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This story is the definition of irony….
At first, I’ll admit, I struggled to understand the story’s aim. It’s not every day you get a story set from the devil’s advocate’s point of view. Screwtape is twisted to the core.
I enjoyed the ironic messages shown in this correspondence. Screwtape is really, despite being an evil spirit, that “affectionate uncle” you’d want, someone who loves even when things don’t go his way, and treats the world with respect, despite what one might think, that he’d have no reason to.

It’s a twisted way of forcing you to look deep inside yourself and see who you are.

At one point, Screwtape illustrates a point that really stuck out to me. He is describing to his nephew a family having a picnic. He illustrates an interesting point of how some of them don’t want to have the specific get-together, but do so out of politeness. He says how this burden of unselfishness builds up to the point where other problems get involved in the mind and the result is resentment toward the family.

(This point reminded me of how many times I have done this sort of thing in order to not appear selfish, and Lewis is not wrong when he writes that it ultimately leads to unhappiness.)

All in all, a great story built on irony and an ultimate guide to self-discovery that I highly recommend to those willing to see a different, yet interesting, take on the human consciousness.

Uncle Screwtape, looking as handsome as ever.

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