Review: Stranger to the Ground

Stranger to the Ground Stranger to the Ground by Richard Bach
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I can’t believe I’m DNF’ing this. I usually love Richard Bach. But this was not his best. Really, it wasn’t.
This story follows Dick as he joins the Air Force in a “lonely duel with death”. Yes, that is what the synopsis said. But it didn’t feel that way. Usually, if Bach isn’t doing much in the story, he’s pondering bigger questions and that makes up for nothing happening at the moment. Here, there was none of that. It was all focused on the machinery and how these planes can survive battle. And that’s not what I love Bach for, I love him for his Zen-like prose and, like I said, that was absent from this story.
I hate giving this book a bad review. I feel like it’s more the circumstances under which I read this that are to blame for me not enjoying it, but I can’t give it a positive rating and then tell how I really feel in the review. Honestly, if you’re new to Bach, don’t start with this book, go for something like Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit. He is a great writer, but this book is definitely his weakest.

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