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Frankenstein Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
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“Beware; for I am fearless and therefore powerful.”

Wow… just wow.
Let me start off by saying that I am reading this in my senior English class. My teacher knows how much I enjoy reading and, shortly after we began reading a modernized version of this book, she asked me if I wanted to read the classic version on my own. Enticed by the romantic writing I’d read in the class copy, I immediately accepted and took the paperback version she had. Now, I love my class and I’ve enjoyed the works we’ve read, but there was something missing, something that really nagged at me. Up until reading this book I hadn’t fully realized what it was. Now I know: it was a novel-length story, a story in which we could become invested situations in ways that only novels can present. It was time to completely, totally, be immersed in another world and remain there for an amount of time that is necessary for the story to have its intended impact on the reader.
That said, this novel impacted me in the exact way I wanted it to. I was fully invested, totally immersed, I loved and hated every second of it as I saw the novel’s tragic ending unfold. A tragic, yet totally satisfying ending. And in between is an amazing conflict between scientist and daemon, between good and evil. But one thing that I really appreciate about this book is that the evil is not just black-and-white and there is a reason for this evil. A reason that, when I came across it, left me feeling the same sympathy toward the monster that I had felt toward his creator.
And it went full circle, something I almost feared wouldn’t happen as I neared the end. As a result of everything coming together so nicely, and the story reaching the conclusion it reached, I can say this: it was an amazing ride and I really need to thank my teacher as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll buy my own copy of the book so I can revisit the story sometime….

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