Review: Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit

Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit by Richard Bach
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“Life is.”

Sometimes in the rush of life, we forget the maxim written above. Life is not a mystery, life is not about waking up and getting through the day. On its own, life simply is, but we in the process of rushing through the days and nights lose the idea of Life is. I know because I am guilty of that. This book raises questions that I am sure I will puzzle over for a long time and I still have questions of my own to ask of Life and discover.
On the other hand….
Life is sometimes lost innocence, lost memories, and this is the exact situation Bach faces in his spiritual journey. He has lost his past and his ability to fully experience emotion. At least, until he meets Dickie, his younger self who is trapped in a dungeon within his mind.
Life sometimes can get in the way of holding on to what we learn and analyzing it, therefore we do not fully experience what is happening in front of us. Perhaps it’s a trauma, a tragedy, or a wound that bleeds so much so that it cannot be patched up so easily. In teaching young Dickie about Life and religion and facing fears the two separate facets of Bach’s mind, the memories Dickie holds and the life lessons Richard holds, begin to merge and he and Dickie begin to unite in more than just friendship. As a result, Bach begins to feel again and heal while Dickie learns what it means to truly live.
They each learn to run from their safe zones and take risks in life. They learn what it means to truly be happy. But how they get there is the real story, how they become one is one of the best journeys, in my opinion, to take.

“We can no more destroy life than we can create it.”

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