Review: Sherlock Holmes Investigates. The Pink Jewel Conundrum

Sherlock Holmes Investigates. The Pink Jewel Conundrum Sherlock Holmes Investigates. The Pink Jewel Conundrum by Philip van Wulven
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sorry this one took me longer than usual. I finished this late last night and was out all day today.
So….. let’s get to it….
This book had a pretty strong starting point. It certainly felt like a Holmes novel. I appreciated that attention to detail and obviously faithful Holmes/Watson relationship. Since it was so short, it got to the ending so fast that I felt all I did was blink and it was over. And, unfortunately, it did not end as strongly as it had started. I can see why Holmes took the case…. I can’t see why he didn’t flip out over its conclusion. To put it bluntly, it was a lame conclusion. Totally unsatisfying. It was just so un-Holmesian and the mystery’s conclusion is easily forgettable.
And I’m sure I will forget it, eventually.

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