Review: The continued Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The continued Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The continued Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Samuel Ingraldi
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In the simplest terms, too short.
The so-called “resurrection” of the diabolical Professor James Moriarty has been done before (many times, in fact). Counting this short story, I have already perused three novels concerning the return of the Napoleon of Crime. This was a well-done version, but it wasn’t enough for me.
I feel that, to make it more convincing, this story really would have benefited from a few scenes from Holmes’ POV – and therefore some lines from the professor. Perhaps some inner thoughts from each man during the climax as they settle their conflict once and for all?
Just another small quip and I’m done: If Holmes said they could not just bring Moriarty to justice because there was no evidence of his dirty work, how did they have evidence of the gunfight? And was putting Moriarty to death really an appropriate punishment, since there was such little evidence?
This story could have been so much better. It’s a shame it wasn’t handled with more care.

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