Review: Sherlock Holmes End Justifies?

Sherlock Holmes End Justifies? Sherlock Holmes End Justifies? by Cavenagh Tom Cavenagh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well. I did not see that ending coming, and that redeemed the book significantly in that I was able to award it one more star. I wish I could say that this book is on-par with the likes of Anthony Horowitz, but no such luck, I guess. It was a fun read, I enjoyed it, but I was far from in love with it. I pretty much knew the solution to the first mystery for the entire book. However, I did enjoy how Cavenaugh wrapped the second mystery up with the first one, so the crime was punishable and the loose ends were tied up nicely.
Overall, a quick, fun read that is enjoyable despite its flaws.

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