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Biplane Biplane by Richard Bach
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“What shall I be, this moment?”
I’ve been an avid Bach reader lately. I’ve read everything from Johnathon Livingston Seagull to A Gift of Wings.
Bach’s Zen-like prose touches someone like me and seduces me into following the story through to the end. There is always some gem I find that I savor. Even when nothing seemed to occur in certain chapters of this book, I read on, entranced still by words, even if nothing significant happened in the codes of those words. I can’t say that about many books I read, that the words alone entranced me, and that’s why I enjoyed this as much as I did. A simple story of a journey, yet so much more at the same time.
However, I do not believe that this story is for everyone. Impatient readers may not enjoy this, because there’s no action, mostly reflection. Those who practice mindfulness may enjoy this book more, due to Bach’s highly spiritual views.
Overall, I enjoyed it and I think that a spiritual novel like this is one that can teach you great lessons – as long as you’re willing to slow down and listen.
Highly recommended for the spiritual reader.

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