Review: Full Circle: A Father’s Journey with a Transgender Child

Full Circle: A Father's Journey with a Transgender Child Full Circle: A Father’s Journey with a Transgender Child by Derry Rundlett
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As a musician for a famous 1960’s pop group, my father claims to know a lot of renowned people. I take it all in stride; him knowing a music legend is no longer news to me! He first told me about Derry and Nicole Rundlett when he received the book as a gift, I think from Derry himself. Rundlett is a friend of one of my father’s partners in the music industry, which is why I open this review with a brief word about my father’s job. It doesn’t matter how we received the book, though. What matters is how it affects us. My father told me that I should crack it open first, with him finishing up my recommendation to him of Markus Zusak The Book Thief. I finally opened the book last night around 5 pm and finished it around 12 am.
This book has a beautiful message about how you can do anything if you really try, how you shouldn’t be afraid of being who you really are, and how a parent’s love for their child should matter more than anything. Derry’s relationship with Nicole is one of the strongest father-daughter relationships I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to say that the relationship I have with my own father is very similar, so I feel an incredible empathy toward them that enhanced the experience of reading this book greatly. I would recommend this to anyone struggling to embrace who they really are, those who want something more in life and fear rejection, because above all, this book shows that when it’s related to your personal journey, it’s always worth taking a chance to achieve what you want.
Update September 2015 I just met Mr. Rundlett at a charity event. He’s a sweetheart! It was a very nice time.

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